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Yoga and Diabetes

How yoga can improve your diabetes management

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As a diabetic, it is extremely important to take care of the physical aspect of life. Ranging from high intensity workouts to quick 30-minute workouts, any form of physical activity has proven to regulate blood sugars and positively affect diabetes management.

A great way to be active is to practice yoga. Yoga has provided great benefits for diabetics searching for physical exercise.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is not only a practice of the body, it is a practice of the mind as well. In every sense it is a mediation that captures your attention, and sways your awareness. The effects of yoga are immediate- you feel the difference during and of course after your practice.

Flexibility in Practice

A yoga session can stretch anywhere from 60-90 minutes, focusing on many different aspects. The focus can be on stretching, sweating, even breathing. Yoga increases flexibility as each practice goes by. Every flow can range anywhere from a relaxing set of moves to a high intensity power session. You just need to find the flow that works best for you, and stick to it!

Stress Reducer

Yoga is a wonderful stress reliever. For type 1 diabetics, rising levels of glucagon and cortisol due to stress creates a spike in blood sugars. With the high blood sugar, your body does not have the capability of producing insulin to bring it back down. That high blood sugar will then lead to more stress, causing even more high blood sugars. By practicing yoga, the levels of cortisol are lessened. Because of this, the body is able to function more properly without demanding high levels of insulin.

Better Blood Flow

Yoga poses make the blood flow in the body much easier. When the blood flows easier, the body is able to better absorb the insulin that is injected.

Better Insulin Sensitivity

Yoga increases your insulin sensitivity. Because of the type of movement during yoga, the body becomes more sensitive to the insulin you take, meaning your doses can be reduced.


Yoga is all about practicing mindfulness. If you put your mind to something at the start of your practice, you will exit the practice feeling much more at ease with yourself, and the decisions that are giving you a hard time and making you feel insufficient. Being mindful has unlimited benefits, but mainly it brings your focus where it is most needed, on your mental health, as well as your physical health. It is a great way to set intentions and achieve them through physical stimulant.

Peace Builder

Practicing yoga is a great way to build peace in your life. The combination of exercise and meditation brings you to a new level of inner peace. Be sure to find a yoga instructor that practices with music, and fills the room with incense. These small details will change the entire course of your yoga practice.

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