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The Spike App's Development Over Time

How the Spike app developed from an idea, to the tool within every diabetic's hands.

· Diabetes

Spike is a common term among diabetics. A blood sugar “Spike” is caused when a simple sugar known as glucose builds up in your bloodstream. A condition that often happens with Ziad Alame, a type 1 diabetic and entrepreneur based in Lebanon. After having to deal with this condition over and over again, Ziad decided to develop a tool that would help him avoid these sugar spikes, and thus live a healthier life with the minimum effort possible.

This tool has been built to seamlessly assist diabetics in managing diabetes through smart food recommendations from any restaurant and timely reminders to inject themselves with insulin. Due to the positive effect it had in managing his own blood sugar levels, Ziad decided to call it “Spike” and share it with his fellow diabetics.

Spike went through multiple development phases that shaped the application to what it is today, shifting from a hardware focused startup to a mobile app. However these developments wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the support of Speed@BDD, SoUK·LB, LebNet, Blackbox, Spike’s amazing advisors, friends, diabetics who are using it and the fantastic team who is working relentlessly to build it. Spike, participated in the Seed Boost follow-on funding opportunity provided by Speed@BDD and won! The cash prize is an additional $50,000 of investment pumped into Spike to reach new targets. But the real deal is having 5 amazing new investors join Spike, who are: MEVP, Phoenician Funds, Cedar Mundi, Mouhamad Rabah and Elias Houayek. Add to that Spike's achievements in winning the Harvard Arab Alumni Startup Competition and standing tall as 1st runner-ups in the MIT Pan Arab Region Startup Competition and the Get in the Ring Startup Competition.

As a mobile application for diabetes management, the Spike team knows that diabetics have trust issues when it comes to diabetes management mobile applications. We understand how those applications add a layer of complexity to diabetics’ lives. This is where the Spike team decided to make Spike as seamless, smart and proactive as possible. Simply diabetics can let Spike do all the dirty work for them.

Spike today is available on both Google Play and App Stores for all diabetics out there. If you’re a diabetic, you can download Spike on your phone right now!

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