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Summer Day Trips With Diabetes

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Who doesn't get excited for summer every year?! It’s the ultimate time for spending time with family and getting started with our planned trips and adventures. Before going to any destination one should take precautions for unexpected needs and wants, and this depends on each case and person. When it comes to people with diabetes, priorities may differ a bit with respect to others. Having diabetes should not prevent you from having a great time if you are well equipped with everything you might need and sticking to your usual routine.


Things people with diabetes should take into consideration when planning a trip:

  1. Discuss your trip plans with your diabetes care provider to see if changes to medication dosages or timing are required with respect to the activities or outing you are about to have.

  2. Download the Spike Diabetes Assistant app to get situation based suggestion and recommendation based on what you are doing.

  3. Avoid traveling alone in case of emergency

How to smoothen your trip

  1. Eat healthy
    Stick to your normal eating routine. A good diet is basic to blood glucose control. Pack healthy foods and know about the suitable food options served at your destination.

  2. On-the-Go Snack Ideas:

    • Small pieces of fresh fruit (apple or orange)

    • Nuts

    • Pumpkin seeds

    • Dry cereal

    • Popcorn

  3. Keep yourself hydrated
    Continuously drink water, it is important to keep the body from drying out blood when sweating. Abstain from drinking untreated water from streams, lakes, and brooks. Stop a few containers of water

  4. Be active
    Try to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time and walk around to explore the amazing scenery.

  5. Be fully equipped
    Protect your insulin from harmful temperatures, extreme heat, cold, or moisture by keeping them at room temperature via multiple insulative bags available at any pharmacy. 
    Bring extra test strips and lancets with your meter. Make sure your meter is fully charged before leaving home, and pack an extra battery. The Spike Diabetes Assistant app will be very helpful regarding this matter.

Nothing can stop you from having a fun summer, not even diabetes.

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