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Spike Takes Home GITEX Future Stars Supernova Award!

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This month, Spike had the opportunity to take part of the GITEX Future Stars Competition, an event designed for startups around the world to pitch their ideas for a chance to win. The competition began with 700 participants. There were 70 semifinalists, and 24 finalists. Finally, one champion was selected and eight sub prizes were distributed.  

The final decision

After long stress and anticipation, Spike was announced the winner of the $100,000 first place Supernova Championship prize. Spike's founder, president, and fellow diabetic Ziad Alame could not have been happier upon winning. He says, "it was extremely nerve wracking but I am glad we made it all the way. I could not have made it through without the support of the Spike team. From here on out, we plan on enhancing the app experience for our users, support more devices, and reach out to as many diabetics as possible to help them in their day to day life. We will push our app to be used on a global level".

Spike founder and president Ziad Alame showing the Supernova Champion first place prize for Diabetes App "Spike".

What we do

At Spike, we have one main mission- to facilitate the lives of our fellow diabetics, and give them a user-friendly, seamless, and smooth experience throughout their everyday life.

With Spike, the work is done for you. Spike is a mobile assistant that helps diabetics better manage their diabetes. Spike monitors the patient's daily behavior and jumps in with reminders and tips when needed about insulin, food, activity, etc.. In addition to that, Spike stores the patient's data for further analysis and/or sharing with doctors and caregivers. The aim is to make diabetes management pain-free.

How you can help

- if you know any diabetics, refer Spike to them

- If you know any institutions that would like to partner up, please let us know

- If you are passionate and would like to join a growing startup, email us!

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