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Should I eat animal products as a Diabetic? 

The truth about meat and diabetes

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To Meat or not to Meat?

The more and more we have access to technology each day, diabetics have access to proper health information. Since the start of the health revolution in the meat industry, there has ben a lot of talk of the harmful effects of meat on diabetes. It was always perceived that too much sugar consumption in the early days, and even right before diagnosis had a significant link to type 1 diabetes. But the latest theories suggest otherwise.

Before Diagnosis Theory

There are many theories that mention that consumption of meat and chicken can significantly affect the development of type 1 diabetes in a person's body. 

Many different bacterias, including mycobacteria, are found in meat, as well as in type 1 diabetics blood stream. Ground beef is a significant factor for developing this bacterium. Any processed meat, like ground beef or chicken breast have shown to have negative effects on the immune system.

Research has shown that people who ate more animal products rather than plant products had a 35% greater chance of developing diabetes.

A study at Harvard University concluded that those that would eat red meat on a daily basis were at a 19% higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes (Cleveland Clinic, 2017).

The Health Benefits

Studies have shown that plant based diets are extremely beneficial to diabetics. Eating the bulk of the food raw, such as vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds can provide tremendous benefits for your body.

Vegans are known to have less body fat than those who eat animal products, putting them at lower risk of obesity. Vegan diets typically have higher fiber, and little to no saturated fat.

For type 2 diabetics, removing meat from a diet can help with hypertension, reduce the risk of cancer, and reduce cholesterol.

Vegan diets can be extremely suitable for diabetics, but is important to remember not to overload on carbohydrates since you are removing the meat factor. Many vegans substitute the base of their food for rice, noodles, or potatoes. But, diabetics can make more tactical choices and choose things such as lettuce, or grains which would contain dietary fiber.

Professional Advice

It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor or dietician before making lifestyle changes. It is recommended for diabetics to consume meat and chicken not more than 2-3 times per week. There may be particular cases where you will need to monitor your iron level, and other elements of your blood tests. Remember to keep a close eye on your health the first few months of a dietary transition and to remove anything that may put you at risk.

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