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Self-Love and Diabetes 

By: Ashley Richardson

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Being diagnosed with diabetes is scary, life-changing, and even at times devastating. You no longer get to be the same person you were before your diagnosis, you suddenly have this “thing” stuck with you forever. Your entire life is flipped upside down and you are required to change almost every part of how you live daily life. You are suddenly no longer “normal.” A lot of days are completing frustrating and you’re exhausted; you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. You get mad, you get frustrated, you hate yourself, and you hate your diabetes. You look in the mirror and see your scars from the endless pokes, an insulin pump, or a CGM, and wonder, “who is going to want me looking like this?”

You are lovable, you are enough.

Learning to love yourself, even without a lifelong condition, is hard. We are constantly surrounded by images telling us how we should look, what we should wear, what we should eat, and how we should be living our lives. We are in constant competition with others, we forget to look at what we have to offer the world. We get stuck in an endless cycle of how we don’t compare, we forget to love ourselves and what we have to offer.

  1. Diabetics are strong.

It takes an insanely strong person to live with diabetes every day. The ups and the downs, the doctors visits, being extra vigilant about your health, and the list goes on. Waking up every day to manage your blood sugar, push through the highs and lows when you feel just horrible, takes true strength.

  1. Diabetics are resilient.

Bad days happen. But we don’t get days off. Even after a rollercoaster day, we have to get up and show up the next day and continue on with life. We have jobs to go to, families to take care of, and other responsibilities. Diabetes doesn’t have a pause button. We keep going.

  1. Diabetics are independent.

For most of us, at a young age we had to learn how to manage our diabetes and how to appropriately take care of ourselves. Diabetes care is mostly independent; yes, we consult with others on best practices, but the day-to-day care is almost completely independent. As you get older, your friends only understand the basics and significant others learn as they go, but no one truly understands the care it takes to live with diabetes unless you have lived with it.

  1. Diabetics are smart.

There are so many misconceptions in the world about diabetes, as a diabetic you get to be an educator. You have SO much knowledge to share with the world because this is something that you live and breathe. You have the opportunity to have your voice heard and take away the stigma and misconceptions. And let’s not forget about the math we do every single day with carb counting, carb ratios, and how much insulin to give.

  1. Diabetics are hardworking.

Day in and day out, diabetics are constantly watching their blood sugars, ensuring that they are properly dosing insulin, all while living a normal life. We work hard to have blood sugars that a person without diabetes has and try to figure out just what will get us there. We spend countless nights awake with high and low blood sugars, long days taking care of our day-to-day responsibilities and our diabetes, and continue to wake up each day and do it all again. We work hard to simply stay alive.

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