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Pancreas 101

The Ins, Outs, and Arounds of the Pancreas

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As diabetics, a word we hear much too often is "pancreas". But many of us have never taken the time to understand what the pancreas is, does, and serves other than failing to produce insulin for us. But here are a few fun facts about the pancreas that I bet you never knew!

1. Pancreas' meaning is "all flesh" in Greek

The name of the organ derives from its lack of flesh or bone, thus being "all flesh" back in 100 A.D.

2. The earliest researchers were not able to pinpoint the function of the pancreas and named it as a "shock absorber".

3. The man who discovered the Pancreatic Duct was murdered for his work

As usual, a fought stem out as to who truly discovered the Pancreatic Duct, and Johann Wirsung was supposedly murdered. The Pancreatic Duct is responsible for carrying fluids down the entire pancreas. 

4. A functioning pancreas can "taste" sugar

Interestingly enough, the pancreas has "taste receptors" that taste sugar, as well as artificial sweeteners. The pancreas uses the found information to improve control, and have better blood sugar management.

5. It can digest itself

You heard right! The pancreas can digest its own-self. Pancreatitis is when the pancreas becomes inflamed, and the enzymes start breaking down the pancreas. This condition can cause you to spend a few days in the hospital if acute, or if more severe, will call for serious hospitalization and treatment.

6. The pancreas is relatively small

Measuring 17 cm in length x 3.7 cm in width

7. Pancreas cancer is the highest cause of death among cancers

..And is very hard to treat! Pancreatic surgery is one of the most difficult types

8. The pancreas is a pale yellow color

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