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New Year, New Diabetes Management 

Your Daily Tweaks for Personal Improvement 

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With the New Year comes new commitment, spirit, and morale to improve the weak areas in your life. Whether it's the food you eat, or the activities you take part in, or your health choices, the power is in your hands to make a positive impact for yourself. 

Diabetes management is a tough journey, but if done correctly, the results can be immaculate. Every doctor and every diabetic will advise you with a different method of management, but it is all about finding the one that fits you perfectly. Continue reading to find out the things that can be changed to have a positive impact on your diabetes: 

1. Perspective

This may come as a surprise to those reading this, but altering your perspective on diabetes has the most tremendous affect on your body. Think of it as a blessing, even more a reason to monitor yourself and take care of yourself. By starting your day off with an uplifted attitude about your situation, your body will react in a positive way. Show your body love, and it will show you love right back! 

2. Technology 

Our lives have been improved tremendously since the introduction of technology. Diabetes technology is constantly being improved and released to the public. It is also becoming relatively affordable. We are at a day and age where a small sensor and an app can make a world's difference. Install Spike and use it to scan your glucose monitors, as well as keep you reminded all the time of your insulin needs. 

3. Insulin 

Your insulin levels can always be adjusted or tweaked, even if you feel they are perfect as is. Don't be scared to take risks when adjusting your basal and bolus rates. You may feel hesitant at first, but with adjustment and eradication of extreme high and low blood sugars, you will in turn feel much better in your skin. 

  • your basal rate: basal is the long acting insulin that is being utilized slowly over a long period of time
  • your bolus rate: bolus is the short acting insulin that is injected or pumped when blood sugars are high and when carbohydrates are being consumed

4. Exercise 

The frequency of your exercise is incredibly important to improving management with diabetes, both type 1 and type 2. 30 minutes a day is the recommended dose of exercise. Try riding a bike, going for a run by the sea, or trying a yoga class at the local gym. No matter the form of exercise, any type of physical activity will help your flow. 

5. Diet

Eating healthy is the number one new years resolution since the beginning of time. Rather than just stating you want to eat healthy, put together a diabetic friendly diet plan that can both incorporate your cravings, and at the same time set some boundaries for what you should eat at given moments. For example, if you love bread, try having the bread in the morning, and in the evening opt for a salad with some protein to balance your sugars. 

6. Stress Levels

As a diabetic, stress affects blood sugar and control. All the other factors may be correct, but if your stress levels are high, your blood sugar will in turn be high. When feeling stressed, try taking in a deep breath through the nose, and out the mouth. Repeat this three times. Your heart rate should decrease and you should begin feeling more at ease. 

7. Alcohol Consumption  

We all love a cold frothy glass of beer, or a cocktail, but it is important as a diabetic to choose options that compliment our sugars. Opt out the cocktail for a glass of red wine. It will help stabilize your blood sugars, and in particular cases you can avoid your insulin injection. Just be sure to monitor your reaction to alcohol before! 

Take these tips into consideration, and see where you find your life needs improvement. And remember, staying positive about diabetes is the best medicine of all! Fuel your energy into something productive, and use it to constantly better yourself. 

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