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More Self-Management, Less Diabetes Stress

By: Nada Sherif Wadie

     We all struggle in managing our diabetes, and sometimes stress over it. Follow these few tips to make your life easier in small ways: 

  • Create an exercise schedule. Working out at the same time every day will help you identify how exercise affects your blood sugar

  • Make taking meds easy. Leave oral medication out in plain view to help remind you to take it every day

  • De-stress. Stress can make managing diabetes harder. Take    time to relax and de-stress every day as: “Practice mindfulness, being aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your choices & Seek help if you’re feeling overwhelmed”

  • Do Eat regularly & healthy. Resist eating huge meals once or twice a day.

  • Do measure your weight weekly. Weight management is important, lifestyle intervention programs should be intensive and have frequent follow-up to achieve significant reductions in excess body weight and improve clinical indicators. 

  • Involve your friends & family. They can help you create and stick to a routine. Let them in on how you're working toward a healthier you, so that they can get on board with the changes your making. 

  • Do a self-check. Save a few minutes each night for a health check. Check everything from toe to head

  • And remember to use The Spike App to send you insulin reminders! 

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