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How to reduce the stress of diabetes 

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Having diabetes can become stressful, even overwhelming in some cases. Some days are so much harder than others, you feel overwhelmed, distraught, and downright sad. But it is always an option to relieve your stress and join in on activities that make you feel completely at ease and comfortable with yourself. Take a look at the following suggestions for how to destress yourself!

1. Join a diabetes support group

When you speak your concerns to people who feel with you, you can get new insight and learn new ways to deal with your diabetes. It does you good to just speak about your condition and have people listen who are going through the same thing you are.

2. Exercise!

Picking up any form of physical exercise is greatly beneficial when you feel stressed over your diabetes. Go for a walk, take a swim, jump on your bike! By exercising, your brain will secrete endorphins, which are the chemicals that give happiness. Exercise is used by many to relieve their stress, and your confidence may even be boosted!

3. Talk to someone you trust

By talking to someone you trust, you will feel better internally. Although they may not be able to give you the advice you need, it is always nice to be listened to. By venting and talking about what's on your mind, you may just find the solution and comfort within yourself.

4. Give yourself more time

Invest more of your time in yourself. Diabetes is extremely stressful, and we all deserve some time off and to ourselves. Choose an activity that gives you relaxation, and doesn't tie you to anyone else. You are bound to feel better afterwards.

5. Ask your endocrinologist about possible improvements

When in doubt, reach out to your endocrinologist. He most likely has seen many people going through the same thing you are, and may be able to give you beneficial advice. Just remember- if you are not satisfied with your endocrinologist, we urge you to change to one you like! The endocrinologist is a vital peg in the diabetes machine and if it is not working properly, change should be made!

6. Focus your attention on something else

Pick up an activity, join a new center in your area, volunteer somewhere. Do not let your focus fall solely on your diabetes, because then you will have the reminder each minute of every day. Pour your energy into something new, and you will instantly feel better and more fulfilled.

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