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How Often Should I change my Lancet?

The Truth about your diabetes gear

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The Dilemma

Type 1 diabetics love to make jokes about their lancet change.. Some diabetics change it with each prick, some once a day, some once a week and others once every three months. To be completely honest I often loose track of when the last time I changed mine was. But all jokes aside, how often should we really be changing our lancet to stay in the safe zone?

Created by Meredith M. For changing your lancet. "you're changing your lancet? what's the occasion?"

The Truth

Lancet manufacturing companies recommend to change the lancet with each use. But of course they will say that, they want us to consume more so we have to reorder sooner and fill their pockets. They state it is so that the fingerpick is not painful and to keep us safe from infections. But, our diabetes technology has evolved greatly since the recommendation of changing the lancet with each prick.

Although lancets do get more dull when reused, the difference between a new and old lancet is not that apparent to the diabetic because it's a quick finger prick with not much blood withdrawn. Although it is a good idea to change it about once a day, many diabetics do not find an issue with changing it once every 1-2 weeks. Every diabetic is different, it just depends on how much the prick bothers you! As long as no one else is using your pricker, there is no need to change it each and every time. This way, you can cut down on consumption.

diabetics and type 1 diabetes changing the lancet of their blood sugar devices and glucometers

Final Notes 

Bottom line, it is annoying to have to change a lancet before each finger prick. If you usually prick your finger 6 times a day, you may not be up for it. If changing it less times will get you to check your blood sugar more often, it is a small sacrifice to make.

And always remember to discard of your sharps in proper containers, not in the garbage can. You can reuse an old milk jug, or juice bottle as a sharps container and throw the entire thing once it is full. But throwing sharps in the trash can can be incredibly dangerous to those around you!

And remember to use The Spike App to remind you of your insulin injections and facilitate your diabetes management!

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