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Get Your Diabetic Mode: On

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Do you know what you’re going into? Ever thought of what’s going to happen the day you get your degree and go into the world of college? The first feel of being a man, the first feel of responsibility, the first feel of being independent, the first feel of fu**ing freedom.

This is what my brother, Ziad was saying to himself exactly eight years ago. Back in 2010, Ziad was graduating high school and applied to several universities, sorry... I meant the top universities.

Being the smart dude he is, he guaranteed enrollment in LU. This was all nice, yes it really was.

However, though, there were still a couple of weeks for Ziad to graduate high school when father decided to buy a new house and get on the move. Why do that during a critical period in our lives, you might ask? Only father knows the answer. :-)

Long story short, we moved to a bigger house, a more expensive one, which meant father had to apply for a loan and pay it in two years time. This was devastating on us as a family with the limited income we had at the time. Fights never ended, neither did Ziad’s homework.

Can you count the pressure Ziad had on his shoulders? I’ll give you a hint… it was huge.

Pressure, fights, studies, applications, finals, and the parttime job got all of Ziad. Actually, it only got his Pancreas. Yes, one night Ziad got supper chivery and went unconscious. What to do other than lift him to father’s cab and go to the nearest hospital? There wasn’t much we can do other than praying, but yes, he got diagnosed with diabetes.

But that was eight years ago. Eight hard, long, rough, fun, scary, challenging, depressing, innovative years. All of this built the mindset that drove Ziad to hand this mentality to all his fellow diabetics out their through solutions to help them manage their diabetes better and help their parents live a bit less worried about their child’s health.

Yes, it did take a lot of time. But He did it… Ziad created Spike.


Malek Alameh

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