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Diabetes and Heat

It's summertime and everyone is facing a hard time with the heat.

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I’m so hot, or at least that’s what I’ve been told!

It's summertime and everyone is facing trouble with the heat. The human’s body always regulates its temperature according to the environment around it to keep a balance which is called homeostasis. Have you ever noticed a spike or a rapid drop in your blood sugar in the heat? The majority of people with type 1 diabetes have experienced this especially when living in high temperatures. In such conditions, whether you are on a vacation or its just your country’s weather, you need to take a closer look at your blood glucose.

You might be experiencing several conditions ranging from hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia or simply just being tired from the heat. 

1- Hyperglycemia

Scientifically speaking, blood glucose becomes more concentrated in the hot weather. This condition won’t allow the body to release extra glucose through urine which will lead to hyperglycemia or a spike in blood glucose.

Tips: Adjust your insulin dosages with your doctor and stay hydrated.

2- Hypoglycemia

Putting in extra effort on your body physically and being in a hot weather will increase your blood vessels’ diameter which will cause a speed in insulin absorption. Rapid insulin absorption will lead to hypoglycemia.

Tips: Read Exercise and Diabetes and keep your blood glucose measuring device with you.

3- Beverages and Hydration

It’s important to understand your body’s needs of fluids. Each 30kg of body weight needs a liter of fluids, so for example if you are 60 kg you’ll need 2 liters of water per day. On the other hand, it’s very important to know where are your fluids coming from.

Tips: Your number 1 go to drink should be water. Try avoiding caffeinated beverages because they’ll lead to dehydration. Keep your sports beverages to when you are having hypoglycemia and exercising.

Know how to differentiate between your diabetes symptoms and heat symptoms. Both of them have sweating, dizziness, lethargy, blurred vision and irritability. Keep your insulin shots and your blood glucose monitors and strips in a cool place near you the whole time to effectively measure and handle your spikes and drops at any time.

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