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Am I Addicted to Sugar?

The signs that you may just be craving too much sugar in your diet

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As soon as I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I started noticing a change in my cravings. I was always thinking about candy, sugar, and refined sweets: basically anything that was sugar was something that I wanted. I started asking my diabetic friends if they noticed the same cravings, and we discussed our different theories. Eventually we went and did some research to see if there was any link between type 1 diabetes and sugar cravings. And here are the five symptoms that we've found that can definitely point to sugar addiction:

1. You find yourself eating things even when you're not hungry

The craving hits- "Hmmm I would LOVE a doughnut right now. I wonder where I can get one". Next thing you know, you're opening your online delivery app, ordering half a dozen doughnuts and finishing them off in bed. But you weren't even hungry! This incident can surely infer sugar addiction. 

2. You feel tired after overeating 

During your meal, the signs could lead that you are overdosing on food. There may be something inside of you that is reminding you to fill up as much as possible so that you don't get hungry quickly, but fight it. This feeling is making it more evident to you that you are craving that sugar way too much. 

3. You start eating the food you crave to reduce sadness

When you are sad, the first thing you think about is what you can eat, and how much of it you want to eat. You may go out of your way and tell yourself that its the only way to be happy again and get out of your head. 

4. You stress over having to cut certain foods out of your life

Cutting sugars and carbs can be so easy to some, but a nightmare to others (including me). When I think of having to go on low-carb diets for my diabetes, my heart pulsates a little too hard. 

5. You have health problems that food issues make worse but you don't change your eating habits no matter the consequences

You convince yourself that it's ok to consume what you are consuming, and you do it without hesitation. 

If you do experience these symptoms, maybe its time to consider a sugar cleanse! There are so many resources that can help you do a complete sugar cleanse. Here is an awesome 3- step guide to cut your sugar cravings. It takes 21 days to break a habit, or make a habit. So its all in your hands! 

And remember to use The Spike App to log your meals and send insulin reminders!

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