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Glycemic Index

A More Flexible Approach for Managing Diabetes

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Having diabetes hugely affects your diet, just as your diet affects your control over blood glucose levels. And it could be confusing sometimes when it comes to choosing what diet to follow during your long journey with diabetes. The truth is, no-ones way works for every single person the same. So you might hear some tips from here and there about what to eat and what to avoid, but these tips might not work for you the same way they work for another person.

Today, there are hundreds of different approaches and types of diets that some people claim to work with diabetes and make it more manageable, but you have to keep in mind that some of them are just fad diets with no long-term benefits, while the others might actually be backed up by scientific evidence, and those are the types of diet that you should look up and actually try.

That being said, you’ve probably heard about the “low glycemic index diet”. In fact, the low GI diet has been shown to induce a number of favorable effects for diabetics and non-diabetics as well, including:

- Improvement of weight loss

- Decrease of fasting glucose and insulin levels needed

- Reduction of circulating triglyceride

- Improvement of blood pressure

Personally, I feel a lot better when my meals tend to have a low glycemic index. One simple example is eating whole grain bread vs. white bread with the same portion size. When I choose the latter, I feel less sluggish and fuller for longer with less hunger pangs.

So what’s the reason behind this? And what is “glycemic index” and why is a low GI diet recommended for patients with diabetes? What are the guidelines to this diet and is there any foods we should eat and others that we should avoid?

To answer your questions about this diet and more, the Spike team has put together a simple guideline for you to introduce you to the low glycemic index diet and how to easily apply it. Make sure to get your copy here and save it on your phone or computer to use it as a reference whenever you need.


Written by Hiba Ayoubi

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