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5 tips to manage blood sugars during the Holidays

tips and tricks on keeping your blood sugars down 

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As the holiday season comes around, keeping blood sugars under control becomes an important focus. With all the sweets, food, and family in town, management can become hectic and sometimes out of control. Use these 5 tips as a guide to keeping your sugars down and under control this holiday season: 

1. Pick your battles

If you know you're going to have a heavy dinner, organize your day accordingly. 

Opt for a light lunch of salad, grilled vegetables and protein. Having heavy carb meals multiple times a day leads to elevated blood sugars. , a huge demand of insulin, and in turn drowsiness. 

2. Portion Control

That plate of mashed potatoes look incredible, right? Serve yourself a small amount, and eat more low-carb options. If you feel the need to re-serve yourself after a little while, allow yourself, and take that extra bit of insulin. 

3. Make sacrifices 

If you really feel like eating a huge plate of salty carb loaded yumminess, try not to eat so much dessert. If you decide to eat both, you may be feeling guilty afterwards. Avoid the guilt- make smart decisions with your food. 

4. Check, check, check!

I can not stress this enough- it is crucial to keep a close eye on your blood sugars during the holiday seasons. The stress, excitement, and food can throw you way off. Avoid feeling shaky and uncertain of where you stand, whip out your glucose meter and give yourself a quick check. You will thank yourself later!

5. Avoid sugary drinks

Around the holidays, its normal to grab a hot cup to warm yourself up. Avoid sugar loaded drinks like hot chocolate, eggnog, and cocktails. Opt for low carb low cal options such as red wine or tea. This way, you will have more room to splurge on delicious meals!

Whether at home or on vacation, the holidays are an exciting time. Be sure to keep your levels monitored and under control. The Spike App helps you manage your insulin and sends you reminders when you need so that you never miss an injection! 

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