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4 Ways to Cleanse your Body 

How to go from zero to hero 

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As many of you have observed, the body is extremely sensitive to what is introduced to it. Each and every single thing have an affect on your well being. Whether its food or medication or toxins, there are different ways to take action to heal your body:

1. Eat the right food


Throw out anything processed. Stick to natural foods like berries, garlic, spices, vegetables, whole grains, anything natural. You are bound to feel better within days. Try a juice cleanse (rich in fiber to block the sugars) 


2. Support your Immunity System


Eat well, get proper sleep, exercise, take regular showers, and take care of your skin. These steps will help you boost the way you are feeling.


3. Drink LOTS of water


Water, water, water! Put reminders on your phone to drink water, always have a refillable water bottle next to you so you can fill it at any chance. Most importantly, choose fresh and clean sources of water. 


4. Get proper rest 


Rest is the most important part of the whole process. If you get improper sleep, your whole day may be ruined. Quality sleep is the determinant of your entire day. Try to get a full 6-8 hours a night to ensure full responsiveness and avoid restlessness. 


And always remember to use The Spike App to send insulin reminders! 

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