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10 Diabetes Friendly Snacks!

The best snacks to cut your cravings 

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Similarly to everyone, us diabetics love to have a little snack between meals, and into the late night. But what is most important is limiting the intake of carbs, and assuring that the snack is relatively healthy. Continue reading to get inspiration for your next snack!

1. Low-fat string cheese

String cheese can be one of the most fun yet addicting snacks of all time. Whether you bite it off, or string the cheese into tiny little strings, you are bound to enjoy the hell out of this snack. You can get value packs at Costco, or smaller packs at any of your typical grocery stores. 

2. Rice cakes with peanut butter

Rice cakes are such a practical snack because they are essentially carb free, and so light to the taste. You can eat two or three without feeling guilty, and your cravings will be completely satisfied!

3. Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

Whats better than an afternoon snack of apple slices with peanut butter? Try cutting the apple slices 2mm thick, spreading peanut butter on one slice and topping it off with another slice of apple. Thank us later!

4. Celery & carrots with ranch dressing

Whats better than a 0 calorie snack like celery! Try getting a fat free ranch dressing, it tastes as good as the original but is less fats.

5. Strawberries

Strawberries are essentially sugar free because of all the fiber found in them! Enjoy a nice bowl of strawberries on a sunny day!

6. Turkey rolls

Grab the turkey out of the fridge, roll it up, and enjoy it alone! Or for an extra twist, add a cheese slice with every  two turkey slices. 

7. Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are a great option high in nutrients! AND because they each explode with flavor in your mouth!

8. Frozen grapes

Grapes in the freezer has to be one of the tastiest snacks known to man. Each piece is a treat to eat, and will leave you happy as ever!

9. Trail mix

Trail mix is so easy because it can be made of countless different things. Granola, oats, nuts, crackers, pretzels, and more. Just be sure to portion control, always!

10. Low fat popcorn

Avoid the microwavable popcorn, and resort to the old fashioned popcorn on the stove. It is lighter in calories, no added flavorings and you can control the added sodium.

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