• Company Culture

    At Spike, we have one mission: to help and unify diabetics across the world.


    We are motivated, passionate, dedicated young men and women who have the same goal in mind of providing support and reassurance to those struggling, and those who need a helping hand with their condition.


    We want to unite all the strongest diabetics out there to continue spreading the positive message!


    Our Focus

    Here at Spike, we focus on two things:


    First- to provide proactive insulin tips and reminders to diabetics to reduce worry throughout the day


    Secondly- to create local and global communities for diabetics to have support, meet each other, and learn from each other.


    Our Program

    We are looking for motivated people who are dedicated to the cause of improving the lives of diabetics with their struggles, questions, and perusals. We aim to cover all ground and encourage people to look our way and turn to us in moments of distress.


    At Spike, everyone is equally important. From children to the elderly, we want to unite across all fronts. Spike is a diabetes lifestyle app that facilitates and removes the everyday pain of diabetics.


    Your Role

    Promote a unified community under Spike name and provide valuable feedback to users questions and concerns


    Post at least 1 high quality content per week pushing benefits of using Spike


    Advocate a community among diabetic followers


    Be motivated and passionate about spreading positivity, creating a positive impact in the diabetes community, and unifying ambassadors and followers.


    Give productive feedback to Spike team about areas of improvement to take into consideration.

    Your Rewards

    Be part of an exclusive program only offered to those searching to make a change in the diabetes community


    Access to Spike events happening globally


    Access to our private facebook community


    Have premium access to Spike app


    Online meetings with the team to listen to your recommendations